Monday, April 26, 2010

My name

My name spelled out in tinny little buttons, accompanied by blue and aqua love hearts and a spool of blue thread. What for? Sew it Together of course. A super original name tag idea from Beck at Dandelion. The little spool of thread really blew me away.

It arrived in my mail box right at a super busy moment for me the week before last. I was so super busy when it arrived that I actually opened the envelope in my car and paid the price for that action when something small slipped out and fell down under the hand brake between the seats. With much finger stretching and bending (and of course they get more sweaty and slippery as the moments tick by) I extracted another little badge that was a red plastic C with a brooch back, and there was a lovely teddy bear card.

I was feeling quite bad about the impending arrival of this name tag for Sew it Together. I can no longer attend and I knew there was someone out there making me a name badge. I decided just to let it be, I reasoned that if I had just finished creating and sewing a name tag and was about to put it in the post and got word that it wasn't needed anymore I would have felt worse than if I had at least sent it and then got an apology for the situation.

Thanks Beck, its really sweet and I appreciated your effort and wonderful creativity. Its too good not to share.

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Yana said...

beautiful name tag!! sorry you couldn't go to Sew it Together though..


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