Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brave new world

After recently seeing a beautiful dress creation by Sewpony, and the mention that the pattern came from an Ottobre design magazine, I decided to get online and order myself a copy of one of these Finnish sewing magazines (don't panic, an English language version is available).  I had heard of the magazine around and about on the internet so it was time to find out more.  I told my husband not be be suspicious if there was a credit card payment from Finland on the bank statement, I wasn't up to anything at all dodgy!

Yesterday my copy arrived in the mail and I have to say my assessment of it is that its kind of like a combination academic/fashion magazine for sewers.  Its really beautifully done, there are glossy photos of adorable models wearing adorable creations.

And in between the photo pages there are all the instructions for each project, this was the academic part.  I was amazed that I could understand and visualise most of what they were talking about in the instructions, it was just the right level of technicality for me.  There are no illustrations of how to construct the garments so it helps if you have been sewing from patterns for a while and are cool with basic sewing techniques and terminology.  I would call some of the patterns definitely more advanced, but there was definitely do-able projects for both boys and girls.  But look at these patterns! 

They are almost like abstract artwork.  There are three double sided sheets of them, the size of four A3's each and they are all colour coded and printed over themselves.  You have to kind of blur your vision and squint to make out where the pieces are that you are after.  Its not hard, its just...strange.  I've never seen anything like this before.  You'd probably want to get hold of some decent sized tissue paper and clear the dining table and get tracing for the pieces you need in the particular size you want - and you have to add seam allowances.  I'm keen to try, but I'd have to clear my dining table first, and thats no mean feat in itself! 


CurlyPops said...

Looking at that makes me want to run away screaming while flailing my arms about.... Good luck!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Good luck Caroline! I love those magazines too but haven't mustered up the energy or courage to trace a pattern off yet! I use cheap baking paper from the supermarket to trace off my patterns. It's a darn site cheaper than tissue paper and I just selotape it together if it's not quite big enough. It usually is for littlies though. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Rebecca said...

i bought a copy when i fell pregnant and i didn't have the courage to begin- i'm not very experienced with sewing clothes, and so my mum has just completed a pair of baby overalls and it all worked, but she read the measurements wrong and made the 2nd largest size instead of the second smallest size! so they will fit a 2 yr old, not a 4 month old!! she was pretty suspicious of the enormous pieces of fabric she was sewing...

Suz said...

Thanks for the mention! Have fun with Ottobre - they are so fabulous. I have a subscription for this year. I get 5 issues as you get a gift issue and they work out to cost $12 per issue incl.p&h. So economical. I also use baking paper. If you are going to make the pinnie I made I would advise lengthening the back straps as the buttons sit really high on the shoulders otherwise - depends if you like it like that or not :)


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