Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend bake up

That just seemed to be one long weekend.  Singularly responsible for entertaining a four year old is pretty mentally taxing.  I was craving that down time I get when he usually goes for a bike ride with his Dad, those snipets of weekend time that just allow you to de-focus on everyone and everything I find pretty important.  I think I have earned my "time off" thanks to kindergarten this coming week.

My little one did suggest "making shapes" as a weekend activity and so I cleared the kitchen bench and rumaged in the pantry, he insisted that we both don aprons and away we went amusing ourselves for a couple of hours with the ritual of making basic biscuits.

He's done this activity many times with his Grandma and a few times with me and he's getting very proficient with mixing ingredients and handling dough. 

I just let him go with it in terms of rolling dough and deciding what shapes to cut and just hovered a bit making sure the dough was rolled thin and even enough, helping with the flouring of fingers and equipment and getting the biscuits from board to tray (and of course the actual cooking).

And then when we were all cleaned up we had a little biscuit feast (pity he didn't offer to make me a cuppa as well!).

And we were happy!


Suz said...

Looks like fun! Isabella loves baking too!

june at noon said...

What a big boy! You're making me think we ought to do some baking this week. ;)

Gina said...

I'm about to have a looooong weekend myself. I only wish I could string out biscuit-making for a few hours. It seems to take three minutes (I think I'm too much of a dictator). Anyway I'll try to take a leaf from your book this afternoon :). Hope you are getting some down time THIS weekend!


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