Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pantalon inferior anterior

While pinning down some pattern pieces yesterday I noticed the words "panatalon inferior anterior".  You can see in the picture that this means "lower front pant" in Spanish. But it struck me how funny it was that if you twist English and Spanish together a bit you might as well be describing the inferior front side of a pair of pants - which is exactly what I was dealing with yesterday - in other words, a dodgy crotch.

I ended up sewing the inner leg seam three times - making two adjustments to the front crotch that was both too wide and too long.  It was very educational actually to see how my self made pattern needed adjustment to have enough room in the seat of the pants and less room at the front, nobody wants a bum bulge at the front do they now!  I think I've got them fitting right and there was much excitement about trying them on now there were no pins involved, but my "nino pequeno" fell asleep in the car on the way home from kindergarten and the light for photos for today has gone.

I'm getting on with making some cordouroy trousers for him using my Burda 9793 pattern.  I've decided to re-visit my self made pattern at a later date.

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