Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red's leg is ready for bed

Red was one of the first things I posted to this blog back in 2009.

Red sometimes goes to bed with my four year old, but mostly spends his time hanging about on the toy shelf.  Much to the consternation of the four year old, Red developed a bung leg.

So today I got up to a heap of "finishing off" jobs and Red got his long awaited repairs. 

He bravely endured having his internal stuffing re-arranged and being jammed under the presser foot of the sewing machine (looking a bit like he is under the spotlight of the operating theatre, yes?).  The hole was sewn shut and the fabric re-inforced all in one step, and he had a little preventative surgery to the other inner thigh while I was at it...

...and now he's "red"y. 


Amanda said...

Ouch that looks painful :)

Jacqui said...

Lucky Red has a "hospital" so close to home to be fixed in case of emergency...


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