Sunday, May 15, 2011

Party time

Today the boy and I are off to a party.  Well, a party of the kid kind so I'll be chatting to good friends and he'll be running around with good friends and eating party food. 

As a welcome change of pace from all this boy sewing I've been up to I turned my hand to making this little dress for the birthday girl.

I bought the fabric from Spotlight this week, its a cotton weave called "pique" (pronounced "pee-kay") which gives the fabric a beautiful texture and smoothness.  It frays a lot at the edges though so edge finishing exposed seam allowances was a must.  A bit of cherry coloured ric-rac finishes it off nicely.

Sorry about the slightly washed out photos, I've got to use the little point and shoot camera for the next two weeks as my othe half has gone traveling with the digital SLR.  I feel like my right arm has been cut off!

Just got to dress the two of us, wrap gift, write card and drive across town.  Right, better get to it!


CurlyPops said...

Awww it's gorgeous! I love a little pinny.... so sweet. The birthday girl is going to be very happy.

june at noon said...

What a sweet little dress! And a lucky birthday girl!

Cotton Kiwi said...

It's adorable Caroline. Well done! Hope you had fun at the party.


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