Thursday, March 1, 2012

The craft fairy meets the tooth fairy

So many bags for my boy on a busy school day - school back pack, lunch cooler bag, swimming bag.  But wait, he needs another one, a really small one....

...something to put those tiny pearly baby teeth in.

The tooth fairy has had to come visiting around here for the second time.  Last time we put the fallen out tooth under an upturned glass on the bedside table, as I remember doing as a child, but this time the five year old insisted that the tooth (wrapped in a tissue) really should be left under his pillow.

I couldn't just go throwing a dollar coin under his pillow now, could I?  About half an hour of night time couch craft resulted in a little blue felt bag with a happy tooth embroidered on the front flap.  

In went the coin, under the pillow, and (toothless) smiles all round in the morning.

Today I'm linking up with Our Creative Spaces.


Steph said...

That is genius! You're little man would have been well chuffed with it. What a lovely Mumma you are. Wishing you a gorgeous Friday full of extra long baby sleeps, cups of tea and crafting :) x

yardage girl said...


Yana said...

cute pouch! i can just imagine your little boy finding it under his pillow :)


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