Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fluffing it

Ah, today I stuffed up.  It was partly my fault and partly the fault of strange sewing directions (that I didn't read in close enough detail).

In heading off to the Spotlight sale on Monday I grabbed my Japanese sewing book and checked how much fabric I would need for a dress, 1.9m it said, I bought 2m of very nice Lisette fabric for the Lisette Sew Along (I'm not actually making a dress from the Lisette Continental pattern, I'm doing the very similar Dress A from the Stylish Dress Book).

I added a little extra length to my pattern pieces and then went to pin the pattern to the fabric and realised that the layout instructions of the book had the pattern pieces laid out on the width of the fabric, not the length.  This means that the dress pattern pieces could only be as long as the fabric is wide (ie. 112cm - not long enough for my liking), and the layout was not taking into account that the printed pattern on the fabric was running across the width, not down the length, and the stretch of the fabric is in the width direction too....oh man, it was all kinds of wrong and I was short 10cm of fabric at the very minimum.

This mistake does have a silver lining though - it gives me plenty of "spare" fabric to cut out a generous waist tie for the dress, and plenty to make the bias binding for the neck and arm holes.  Unable to get this project to the sewing machine I made a start on cutting the bias binding, and burning my fingers near the iron doing all the little folds.  Mea culpa.  Next time I will be studying the diagrams in that book with a magnifying glass!


Yana said...

that's a bummer! i hope you will still be able to use it, such pretty fabric!! are you able to cut the fabric on the length rather than width as the book suggests? or will you not have enough?

CurlyPops said...

Oh no! What a pain... I always get so confused by fabric layout drawings.


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