Monday, March 5, 2012

New Look 6705

As promised here are some photos of the two tops I have recently made using New Look pattern 6705.

Firstly I made version C, sleeveless with a square neckline.  I cut the main body pieces using the pattern piece for version A because I didn't want the ruffle section at the hemline, mostly I'm not really a fan of the ruffle hem.  The square neckline took a bit of poking and prodding and careful ironing to make it sit right but otherwise this top was very straight forward to make.

The yoke sits above the bustline and there are six pleats in the front of the bodice to make it that little bit roomier which a style I like for several reasons - don't have to worry about it fitting exactly at the bust, it's a relaxed fit over the tummy region, easy to lift for feeding baby and beautifully cool to wear in the hot weather.

Swishing it up at a weekend BBQ with Elk necklace and the babe.

And the second one I made was view E, sleeveless again with the rounded yoke.  A round neck is a style I really love and although it looks a bit more complicated than the square neck it was actually slightly easier.  Careful ironing and pinning before sewing were really the key to getting a super neat finish.  I totally, totally love this fabric too so at great risk of stuffing it all up I added a bit of white edge trim to the neckline...and then because it looked so good I added more to the hemline.  The cut of this version is slightly longer than version A/C for some reason, and I liked that as it gave me more of a decision about how long to actually make the top.  A bit more fabric in the hem allowance also adds weight to the bottom of the top which makes it sit rather nicely too.

Oh, and all the tops have back ties in the pattern, but I omitted them entirely because I didn't see the need, a nice time saver.

It's a little creased, I was wearing it for the day when I took these pics.

The fabrics are both Tana Lawns from Spotlight, about $15 a metre and you only need 1.5 m to make a top, so pretty economical.

These tops have both been welcome and timely additions to my wardrobe in the hot weather and to help make me get away from wearing t-shirts (which I find are actually quite hot to wear now I have these lovely light tops!).  I'll have to attempt the version with 3/4 sleeves when it's "winter" here.

Next I am moving onto a little bit of dress sewing with the Lisette Sew Along over at Curly Pops.  Maybe you would like to join in too?


Julie said...

Your tops look great, I must have a look at my patterns I think I've made one similar to the red one. Half way through my Lisette dress today. Quite easy but I still managed to stuff up the neck binding the first time. I'm going to make another in lighter fabric. The first one is a little stiff so might cut it off into a top. Can't wait to see yours.

CurlyPops said...

That's exactly the sort of top I've been looking for. I bought a pattern but didn't realise that the curved top bit was all ruched/gathered (waste of time and fabric if you ask me).
Loving that red version - must add pattern to wishlist!

Bungalowgirl said...

Love your tops, especially the red one. Wondering if a real beginner like me could tackle it. I am down to about 3 tops that are cool cotton that I both fit and actually like so some new additions would be quite welcome.melx

Yana said...

both your tops look lovely! love the white trim on the red one :) thanks for bringing my attention to the sew along, i'm going to make that dress too now! off to get the pattern and some fabric :)

bec said...

Snap! I made something out of the same fabric, in this post.
It's such a cute fabric! And love this pattern, another one maybe to add to my collection?


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