Thursday, March 22, 2012

My creative space: Oh, that old thing!

I started making a wrap skirt way back in April 2011...confession time: I didn't finish it.  Something to do with being preggas at the time probably.  Last week on the reduced table at Spotlight for $4/metre there was a small black and white floral print that suddenly hit me as just the thing for the reverse side of this particular "work in progress" (cough, cough). 

It's raining again here so I'm doing a little bit of cutting out while the bebe naps.

Every project has its day, right?.

This is certainly a record long time for me to finish a project, I'm a finisher (99.9% of the time).  Is there something you made that took longer?  Please spill to make me feel better!

Today I'm linking up over here.


Christina said...

I um, cough cough, have some projects that are older than than and still not finished... a certain quilt top comes to mind...


Suz said...

Yes. I had a quilt that took me ten years!!!!! Hand quilted mind you:)


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