Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...


I hadn't been to Brown Owls for the longest time, but they were holding a learn to crochet class a few Saturdays ago so I made sure I was able to pop along.  The lovely Rebecca of Edward and Lily was on hand to teach the newbies the basics and I was lucky enough to sit next to a very gorgeous lady called Danielle who was also a most awesome crochet teacher and all round great to chat to.  At the end of two hours I hadn't made much progress, had stiff shoulders, slightly strained eyes, it was hot and the baby needed feeding. Sigh, I still couldn't see much to love in this crochet thing.

But I have persisted - the little stubborn character that I can be.  Lots of unravelling and starting again from scratch, plenty of consultation into the Meet me at Mikes craft book, looking at a few video tutorials on YouTube and persistance, persistance, persistance - I can now do myself a chunky granny square in one colour, thread ends are still dangling, still got to work that one out.  This is interesting, I'm not bored yet.


mel @ loved handmade said...

They're beautiful, and a gorgeous colour choice! Good on you for persisting..

Yana said...

welcome to the beautiful land of crochet! i'm so glad you've persevered. crochet is actually quite easy once you know the stitches (i definitely prefer it to knitting), so keep practising, you will be a pro in no time :)


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