Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lisette sew along

I've finished my dress for the Lisette sew along hosted by CurlyPops and today the weather was perfect for some photography of the results.  Usually when I am trying to take photos of myself I am doing it during the week when I don't have neighbours, you know, they're all at work and not hanging out in the 'burbs like me - so they probably thought I was a complete idiot posing like this in my front yard on a weekend.  Believe me or don't, but a girl rode a horse right past my front fence while I was trying to do these photos.  Weekend traffic around here is a bitch!

I haven't actually used the pattern for the Lisette Continental dress, but used instead Dress A from the Japanese "Stylish Dress Book".  I did use a Lisette fabric though, a cotton lawn with a small pattern in a kind of peacock blue and green combo.

Dress A is very, very similar to the Continental dress, the only two differences I can see are that the neckline of my dress is higher and there are darts at the bust.  I also added a smidge of length to my dress, and made my own waist tie (a waist tie is not part of the original pattern).  Now that I have stepped back and looked at these photos I have to admit that I actually like the lower scooped neckline of the Continental pattern better, I think it would more suit my upper body shape.  If I get really motivated I might have a go at adjusting that some time.

Mmmm, and it really looks like my legs don't get to see the daylight very often, and I think I need to go shoe shopping for some snazzier shoes to do this dress justice!

But, oh happy days, I did dig out a long lost green cardi from the back of my wardrobe that does match rather perfectly with this fabric, don't you think?  And yes, I look a bit grumpy, but I'm really not.  It was hard enough posing and knowing where to look so whether to smile or not was really too much of a decision.  And that horse was majorly distracting, yes really, there was a horse.

So there you go - that's my story of Dress A (with added waist tie).   Pop on over to CurlyPops to see what  delightful creations other sewers are producing, or take a visit to the Flickr group.


yardage girl said...

Love it ~ well done! Love the last pic too ~ perfect model moodiness ;o)
The fabric is lovely and the colour really suits you.
Have a great week!

CurlyPops said...

What fabulous photos! I really love the last one too.
Thanks so much for joining in the fun. It's been amazing to see so many different fabrics transformed into similar dresses.

I have that stylish dresses book but I've been too scared to make anything. You have me inspired to try now!

Christina Lowry said...

I'm loving seeing all these dresses in blog land. Love your choice of fabric and I think the pattern is really lovely too. Your 'grumpy' face made me laugh too. I have the same problem! :)

Sandrine said...

Hello Caroline! LOve the dress, the story the horse :) and that card looks divine!
I have been madame slack at doing a second attempt...maybe today is ze day! :)
Sandrine x

mel @ loved handmade said...

That is so lovely, gorgeous fabric! Loving your crochet colours up there too..

Yana said...

your dress turned out beautiful and looks lovely on you!!! awesome job!!! LOL about the horse :)

Cathie said...

such moody model poses Caroline!
dress is gorgeous & so are you.
love it with the cardigan aswell ♥


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