Monday, March 19, 2012

Doona diversion

Late last week and for some of the weekend the back stairs which lead to the sewing room looked like this:

When this happens I sometimes feel a little cut off and isolated upstairs, it doesn't make me a happy sewer when I look out and getting to the sewing machine means getting wet in the bargain.

"Curtains?"  I hear you say.  See those wrinkles?  That's where I picked off the curtain tape.

The summer feeling is definitely fading away here.  A massive pile of gifted cotton fabric (aka Mum's curtains) was calling me to divert from all other sewing projects and make us a new doona cover to snuggle under.  Ten dollars worth of plain white quilters cotton was all I needed to bring the width of the fabric to queen size (roughly 190cm x 190cm), then I hemmed the bottom edge (where the doona goes in), and sewed it all together leaving a 1m opening for, well, where the doona goes in. 

Cozy, yes?

I am getting quite good with the handmade doona covers, I made one here a few years ago, and here for my  eldest boy.

Oh, and I did make some progress on my new dress too.  I'm loving the colour, but where is the sunny weather to wear it??

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Cirque Du Bebe said...

Hey I love this doona cover. Looks so cosy and homey. That's a great idea to use curtains. I might keep an eye out for some at the op shops. P.S Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I just found yours and so happy to see you're a fellow Brisbanite. I actually know zero sewing blogging mummies in Brisbane, until now!


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