Monday, May 27, 2013

Lemon Washi Dress

Finally, some photos of my Washi Dress that I finished about two weeks ago.  And where else would you photograph a lemon yellow dress but down under your lemon tree?

I made the standard version of this dress with the cut-out neckline and elastic shirring in the back.  It's oh so comfortable and flattering to wear, I'm sure this is not the only time I'll be making this dress, I'm keen to find a nice fabric and try a 3/4 sleeve version now the cooler months are here in Brisbane.

I made this dress out of a "vintage floral" print poplin, I've never been sure about poplin, its a bit stiff and crisp, and crinkles easily if you've been sitting on it, I kind of think of it as a fabric for little girls' clothes.  However I actually don't mind it in this particular project, gives the dress a little bit of body.  I guess it's a learning process to know what kinds of fabrics to use where, that's something I am constantly experimenting with.

Details of this dress are: size XL, bodice modifications were lowering the bust darts one inch, adding 5.5cm of length to the front bodice piece and a corresponding amount to the back piece.  You can read a little more about these alterations here.  Everything else was just to the pattern directions.

Any tips?  Well my only one would be that when adding the bias binding to the inside of the sleeves you should get your iron out and press, press, press those seams so everything sits flat to sew the binding down.  I did this by tiny hand stitches, you can see the little line of stitches in the photo below.  No pressing with my iron meant I got a very puckery finish in that area, not so nice.  In my opinion I've made the best here of a tricky sewing situation (if you've also made this pattern you'll understand what I mean here).

So there it is, my lemon Washi Dress, absolutely nothing sour about it at all.  


Cirque Du Bebe said...

Looks adorable on you, and so comfy too.

yardage girl said...

Looks great ~ adding it to my list!

Anne said...

It's Kara here. LOVE the neckline and pockets! I needs me one of those!!

CurlyPops said...

Love this! Off to buy that pattern.


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