Friday, May 24, 2013

Morning tea across town

I wouldn't usually drive almost an hour across town and into unknown territory to attend a morning tea, but I did just that yesterday to support Thea Samios from Thea and Sami as she hosted a "Biggest Morning Tea" to raise funds for cancer research.

I packed my oldest off to school, grabbed a coffee from the local shops, studied my map one last time and set off across town with my one year old.  We made it there right on time and spent a very pleasant hour and a half in Thea's lovely studio.  A screen printing studio is made for parties with super long tables and bright airy space.  My boy was a little champion too, letting me stand and chat and generally enjoy myself as long as he was right there on my hip in his sling.  He scored his fair share of sticky treats as well.

Thea's lovely screen printing panels were safely stacked to the side.

The cakes were yummy and the company bright and interesting, plus there were no funny looks if you were snapping pictures of the food and proceedings with your phone camera (I was finally well convinced that my phone camera is completely inadequate).  It was also nice to put some faces to blog names - talking to real people about what happens in blog land is extremely rare for me and oh I enjoyed it so much.  Motherly duties eventually called and I had to leave a little earlier than I wanted to, so I found my goody bag and quietly made my exit.

Thanks Thea for a great morning, and for your gift a Thea and Sami tea towel and vintage tea spoon.  I popped my spoon in with my little collection that lives on top of my coffee machine.  It's in good company.

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